Organization Chart:
Read this document to understand the organization.


We reward effort rather than outcome, so relax and have fun with your assignments,
which shall hopefully trigger a process of evolution within.

Links for assignments instructions
Curriculum Jr: (III - X)
Curriculum Sr: (XI/XII)
People Management:
Thought Leadership Lab:

Assignment Submission Form:

Talent Recruitment Categories

1- Young Disruptive Thinker:
Sixth months commitment
Candidates with good language skills
Good exposure and should have read lots of books
Read the organization chart to know more

2- Promising Talent:
One/Two month intensive training required before start of internship
Recommended if you need help with English Language comprehension (NO FEE)
The training is through Whatsapp videos, voice-notes and discussions 

3- Young Disruptive Leaders
Candidates with both IQ and EQ (Intelligence + Emotional Quotient)
The five personality traits mentioned in the Job Description are important
The interns who demonstrate leadership skills are a part of the DeepThought Leadership initiative


Introduction Form